This is a pleasant village situated about midway between Woodbridge and Orford with easy access to both the coast and the countryside.

As with most old villages there is a mix of architecture with old and modern blending happily together. The Church is a fair distance away from the main part of the village, it has been suggested that this was due to the devastation caused by the plague in the middle ages. There is no school, the middle school building was demolished and a bungalow now stands in its place and the primary school has been converted into a residential property.

The Oyster Inn which has been closed for sometime now is due to open under new ownership on Sunday 19th March 2017.  Please come along and support the opening.

The main place in the village for meetings and other community events is the Village Hall. The Committee arrange events once or twice a year to try to get all the villagers together – these events are usually well attended and enjoyed by all.       There is a FLOWER SHOW with many additional side events held in July each year which include competitions for best vegtables, fruit, homemade baking and a Village Fete with all sorts of fun and frolic. Details of which will appear on the Village Hall Website. The village also has a newsletter that is published and distributed to all residents within the three parishes of Butley. Capel St.Andrew and Wantisden.  The editors are Councillor.Jean Dean from Capel and Councillor Caroline Read from Butley.



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